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Cindy enjoying a hammock at the beach of the Polynesian Resort

Cindy Lynn's
Magical Adventures

May I See Your Pins, Please?

Now, here is something to wonder about. Disney pins. Check out Disney cast members and they are typically wearing a lanyard with several Disney pins available for trade. You request to see their pins, and if you find one that you prefer more than one you have, swap!

You can start this Disney experience by purchasing a set of pins, with or without a lanyard or key card holder. Then just look around for pins that you like. It's a great way to strike up conversation with Cast Members; they seem to enjoy it as well. There are Pin Collector books, series of Pins, Hidden Mickey Pins, Princess Pins, Park Pins, Resort Pins, all sorts of pins.

I purchased a set of pins for each of my children a few years ago. Children, and only children, can trade with cast members wearing a green lanyard. My girls enjoyed it, their pin lanyards are their treasures, and they have always taken them on return trips to the World.

My first experience with pin trading happened in spring, 2010, after many trips to the world. My middle daughter, now grown, and I spent a long weekend in the world, doing whatever we wanted. I mentioned that I had some interest in this Pin Trading business and we purchased a starter set of Tinker Bell pins. I started talking to more Cast Members and watching for special pins. Well, I found out that Cast Members get pins with Hidden Mickeys! Now, it was interesting. I swapped a Cast Member at our resort for a pin with a Hidden Mickey, and upon further investigation found that this particular pin was one in a set of 5. Hmm, (pause) I gotta do it! I have to find out if a regular old mom like me actually can snag a set of 5 Hidden Mickey Pins. It's an adventure now! We have 2 ˝ days. Ready, set, GO!

I didn't really want to disrupt my daughter's enjoyment of the parks, and our 'together' time, but look, there are 3 Cast Members right over there that have lanyards. I found my second pin in the series at the Contemporary gift shop after lunch! Woot! Maybe I can buy the rest on ebay? My daughter says, 'No, that is not how it is done. We can find them.' So, now, we are both 'casually' watching the Cast Members' lanyards.

We picked up the third in Epcot the next day. Do you think this is like those monopoly games at McDonalds? You know, the one where there aren't really any 'Park Place' pieces available. Again, my daughter reassures me, that is not the Disney way, just keep looking.

Now, it is the last day of our trip and I have met a lot of Cast Members, have found the same pins that I have a few times. We headed for Magic Kingdom, and checked all the Cast Members on the Ice Cream Parlor side of Main Street going in and found a glass blower and the 4th pin. I am getting a little giddy. After Wishes, and doing absolutely everything, we start the official hunt to find out if all 5 can be snagged. I think we checked every lanyard in the park. We went in the gift shops, the restaurants, chased down a janitor back by Splash Mountain, and, started for the exit. We cut through the shops on the opposite side of Main Street. It was very busy, but we were not leaving without seeing everyone's lanyard! I saw my daughter tracking one to the stock room, and I was checking all the registers. And, there, she has a lanyard, she has a square shaped pin, it is blue, but which character is it? I held my breath waiting to get a closer look at her lanyard, and Ta-Dah! The 5th pin!!! I was thrilled, I may have hugged her!? This Cast Member was as excited as I was, said she had never been the one to give a guest the last one in a series. How cool is that? And, my daughter just looked relieved.

So, it can be done! Try it, you will meet some of the nicest people at Disney. But, be careful. I checked the lanyards at the Disney store at the airport - it is a habit now!


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Cindy Welch is a huge fan of Disney World and all it has to offer. She practically raised her kids there, and continues to visit at least once a year. She is now a member of the Disney Vacation Club.

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