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Cindy enjoying a hammock at the beach of the Polynesian Resort

Cindy Lynn's
Magical Adventures

A Mom’s Perspective on
Doing Disney with Kids

Part 2  -  The Thrills

Over the years, my girls and I have been on most of the 'rides' in the world.  Please keep in mind that Disney is not about the rides.  It is about time with your family.  However, kids love rides and all that scenery, entertainment and education in between the thrills are just travelling time to them.  There are some must do's so let me give this a shot for you.

For the tweens and teens:

Magic Kingdom

The mountains: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain.  Of these, Space is the roughest on Mom.  I always feel a little 'beatup' after this one, and have skipped it if any of my lingering injuries are not up to par.  You can get pretty wet on Splash, but it is worth it.  Just pull out that poncho (see Part 1) if you really don't want to get wet, and pick up your feet at the bottom!  Big Thunder is a fun classic.  At opening each morning, there is an event affectionately referred to as the 'Mountain Stampede' where the 'teenagers' are making fast tracks to the mountains at the back of the park.  I have participated in this event.  If you have small children, avoid it.


Rockin' Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.  Now, these are some thrillers!  I had never ridden a high speed roller coaster till my girls drug me on Rockin'.  I rode it 3 consecutive times.  Because the music is fantastic, and it is pretty much dark, so you don't realize where you have been!  Getting into the seat and having that padded bar come down over you can be a little intimidating, but then you take off at 3 G's and its very comforting!  I absolutely LOVE this ride.

The Tower looms overhead when you approach and the screams coming from the top of the building will get your attention, but in reality, it is just an elevator, and you are seated for the ride, so its pretty cool too.  The Disney gift of creating atmosphere can get you pretty pumped up, especially if you know who Rod Sterling is.  I like it, but children that have a fear of ghosts and the sort, may not appreciate this one.  This ride is repeatable because the sequence of drops changes.  So, if you have time, and the line is not too long, loop back around and scream some more!

Animal Kingdom

Go see the Yetti at Mount Everest, another mountain for coaster lovers.  It's a fast, smooth ride with a few surprises, and some people miss seeing the Yetti, so try to pay attention.  Standing in line for this one is interesting, like touring a museum, so if you fast pass Safari, then get in this line, you won't be sorry.  The safari is a jeep ride through the African safari with REAL animals and lots of picture opportunities.  You will want to do this one early in the morning to catch most of the animals while they are out and about beating the heat - just like you.


Soarin' is an absolute must-do.  Fast-pass it early in the day.  If you wait, you won't get on it.  It is a gliding experience that is good for all ages.  Disney does it again with indescribable effects making this a very pleasant ride.  Everyone is happy when they come off this ride.  Mission Space, not so much.  If you have any health conditions, opt out of the spinning canisters and experience the ride without the G forces on your chest.  The young aspiring astronauts in your group should not eat immediately before boarding this one.  Some children believe that they have been to space and back, and believe me, it feels like it.  Test Trak takes you through a myriad of testing scenarios, very hot, very cold and very fast.  The very fast part is outside so be prepared.  Our last 2 trips to Epcot, we have not accomplished all three of these rides in the same day.  Fast-pass Soarin' first, it is the toughest to get on.  The trick to getting all three on the same day will be to be at the park when it opens for early magic hours, so you can stand in line for at least one of them.


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Cindy Welch is a huge fan of Disney World and all it has to offer. She practically raised her kids there, and continues to visit at least once a year. She is now a member of the Disney Vacation Club.

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