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Donald Duck and Julius Covington having fun at  the Tusker House  Restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Theme Park at Disney World

Disney For Adults
(We Have Fun Too)

Disney's Magical Express
A Convenient Service

There are so many things about Disney World that makes it stThis Is A Monitor On The Magical Express That Plays Informational Videos About Disney World While You Ride To And From Disney Worldand out from other similar busineses, and their Magical Express is just one of them.

The Magical Express is Disney World's complimentary transportation service that gets you and your luggage from Orlando Internantional Airport to Disney World, and when your stay at 'Mickey's Place' is over, the Magical Express will get you and your luggage back to Orlando International Airport... All this - worry-free!

I have been to Disney World five (5) times so far, and have used their Magical Express service every single time. It is so convenient, and I highly suggest you use it too. It is one of their complimentary services, so it costs nothing extra, but will save you the headache of lugging your bags around with you.

Here's how it works:

When you make your reservations to Disney World, make sure you request the Magical Express. Remember, it doesn't cost anything and can keep you from lugging your bags everywhere.

Once you have the Magical Express service, you'll receive tags for your baggage, and when you check them in at your departing airport, you wont see them again until you check into your room at Disney World. The Magical Express team will get them from your departing airport and will take care of them, all the way to and including placing them in the room you will be staying at while at Disney World.

Now, there's an exception to this, and it is dependant on the airline service you're using. If the airline service you're using isInside One Of The Magical Express Buses. Nice, Huh? not participating with Disney World, then once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you have to get your bags and take them to the Magical Express bus with you. The driver will then load them on, and take them off when you arrive at the resort you're staying at.

In either instance you still get a free ride to Disney World straight to your resort, and then on your departure date, the Magical Express will take you back to Orlando International Airport.

You still have to follow bag weight limits or pay the necessary fees, and follow all applicable laws, but I can tell you from experience, that it is so nice to drop your bags off your airport and not deal even see them again until you get into your room at Disney World.

Returning From Disney World:

When you're leaving Disney World :-( , it's pretty much in reverse. You call the Bell Service, they will pick up your bags from your room, and you can either ride with them or come to the area later.

Once there, you check-in your bags, as if you're at the airport, get your boarding passes, etc. and then finish your day at Disney World, until it's time for you to get on the Magical Express. You will then be taken to Orlando International Airport, get on your flight, and once you get to your home airport, go to baggage claims and pickup your bags.

I suggest you check with Disney's friendly customer service folks to find out which airlines participate with them, but if your airline doesn't, dont fret - You can still use the Magical Express service, you just have to get your bags to the bus.

One more note - Disney World tries to be as flexible as possible with you on the Magical Express, but try to remember that you need to give them sufficient days to get everything together.

On our last trip, we went on our first Disney Cruise, and since it was a 4-night deal, we decided to stay one day earlier at Disney World, then after the cruise, come back to Disney World for a couple more days.

Normally, when you set your trip up, the Magical Express is setup for both arrival to and departure from Disney World. Well, since the stay we had was not a 'package deal', I didn't think to take care of the Magical Express service for our departure. On the morning of our departure, I called the home desk and explained the mishap I created, and they took care of it for me. Had I completely forgot, then we probably would have been taking a cab back to the airport, and Cindy would not let me forget that one ;-)

I really like the Magical Express. Cindy does also for the most part, but our last two trips, she was disappointed because of some inconveniences - one was crowded, and on both, our seats had broken foot rests.

Now, realistically things happen, and the Magical Express is contracted out, but it is still associated with Disney, and you expect more and hold Disney to a higher standard.

Bottom line - If you're flying into Orlando International Airport for your Disney vacation, the Magical Express is the way to go!

Julius Covington, Sr. of AllThingsDisney.com
Julius Covington, Sr.

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