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Donald Duck and Julius Covington having fun at  the Tusker House  Restaurant in the Animal Kingdom Theme Park at Disney World

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(We Have Fun Too)

Plan Your Disney World Vacation

Plan Your Disney World Vacation - Sounds like plain old common sense, doesn't it?

It is, but if you've never been to Disney World, you have NO CLUE what you're in for. There are so many things to do - rides, shows, water parks, theme parks, safari ride (with real animals)... Not to mention where you're going to eat, whether you're going to pay cash for all your meals or purchase one of the Disney Dining Plans, what resort you're going to stay in, etc.

In a week, you can experience a world of magic, and still not even touch the surface of what Disney World has to offer.

There are:

  • Four (4) theme parks (Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios)
  • Two (2) water parks (Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon)
  • Dozens of restaurants of all levels, from counter services to full-blown, seated at a table with a server (best to have reservations with these)
  • Several resorts, all levels from the inexpensive to "WOW! Really! That Much!?" Some have their own beaches. All have their swimming pools. Some have Spas and Fitness Centers.
  • Several Golf Courses - I'm talking about World Class Pro Level golf courses.

Yes, my friends... Disney World truly is a One-Stop Vacation for families, adults, even single folks who want to have a great time in a great place!

With all this and more going on at Disney World, you need to take some time to plan and prepare for your vacation.

The first time I went, Cindy planned our Disney World vacation to a "T". She put everything on an Excel spreadsheet (yeah, an Excel spreadsheet) and actually took it along with us. She had times for this, and times and for that, breakfast, lunch and dinner times and reservations, etc.

Now, I'm a "plotter and planner" too, but not ever being in Disney World, I honestly couldn't see what all the fuss was about. I mean, "come on, it's just a trip to an amusement park!" Ha ha ha... Obviously, it wasn't time for the grasshopper to take the pebble from the hand of the master yet... My favorite character should be Goofy, because I had absolutely NO IDEA what Disney World was all about!

Now that I've been several times, I fully believe that if you want to experience as much as you can from your visit at Disney World, it is a MUST that you take time to prepare and plan. If you want to relax and hit the restaurants , you still should make reservations at the sit-down restaurants, or you may find yourself scurrying around Disney World trying to find somewhere to eat, because the place you want to go is packed, and even those with reservations are waiting... I know ... "Been there, done that!"

Disney World is a HUGE place, and you want to give yourself time to get to where you want to go. Think about what you want to do each day, and where you want to eat, and plan your day's activities around the most important thing(s) you want to do each day. Include eating in there, especially if you want to eat in some of the nicer (better have reservations) restaurants.

You might also want to look at what you want to do in general for the week (or however long your stay is), and decide what resort is best to stay in, based upon their location to the theme and water parks or restaurants ;-).

I have not had a bad vacation in Disney World, but there have been times that I left from there wishing I had done this or that... And that may be the case often, but if you research what Disney World has to offer and plan out your vacation, you're more likely to get the most out of each stay.

Julius Covington, Sr. of AllThingsDisney.com
Julius Covington, Sr.

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