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Disney Vacation Club Member Julie LaChance shares tips on how you can make your Disney World vacation even more enjoyable

Store it with Owner's Locker

If you frequent the Disney Parks in Orlando, there is a great resource available to help you store all your "Disney needs". If you're like us, you have typical things you bring with you on every trip to Disney. You know, the Mickey ears, the Disney shirts, the special Disney towels, and all those other things that you may only use while in The World.

Most of these items take up quite a bit of space in my luggage, so getting an Owner's Locker was an excellent option for us. To get started, you need to visit www.ownerslocker.com to set up your account. There is a charge of 99.00 per year with a one time membership fee of 75.00. Once you set up your account and make the payment, all you have to do is schedule your delivery. You tell them when and where to deliver your locker and it will be waiting for you at bell services (don't go to the front desk, I figured that out the first time I went to pick it up).

The locker is a purple box, similar to a storage tote you would use at home. For more information on size, visit this link: www.ownerslocker.com/lockers. It comes with dividers for things like standing shampoo bottles up and sorting out everyone's t-shirts. A small box for jewelry, hair accessories, medicine, etc. is also included. It is a fairly large box and when packed right, you can fit quite a bit in there! We filled ours up the first time and we're already considering getting a second one!

Once your vacation is over, and you have packed your locker, you seal it up with one of the provided seals. These are similar to a zip tie and includes a number so you will know that no one opens but you. Once you're all sealed up, you take the locker back to bell services and the purple Owner's locker van will come and pick it up. (I highly recommend having bell services come and pick it up-free of charge) Once Owner's Locker picks it up, they return it to a climate controlled storage center to keep your items safe until your return.

The Owner's Locker website has a management piece that lets you track where your locker is located. In other words, you can log in and see if the locker has been delivered to the resort or see if it is back in the storage warehouse. Owner's Locker also sends you an email (or even a text message) to let you know of your lockers location.

The management piece of the website also allows you to keep track of an inventory of your locker. A paper copy of the inventory will be given to you when you get your locker. Be sure to write down everything included so you'll remember what NOT to pack on your next visit!

I'd highly recommend this to anyone that travels to Disney World often. Not only does it make packing so much easier, but it also makes for a little extra fun when you pick it up!


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Julie LaChance is a frequent visitor of Disney World since childhood with her mom and sisters. She was married at Disney World to her husband Jon, and together with their daughter Olivia, they are now Disney Vacation Club members.

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