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The Entrance To Citrico's Dining  Room


July 3, 2010

Citrico's - sounds like one of those really ritsy restaurants, doesn't it?

It is! Located on the second floor of the Grand Floridian Resort, it is one of the finer restaurants in Disney World. Citrico's is one of those that just reeks of expensive taste. The food, the service, the prices... All say expensive :-), but it is definitely worth digging into the pocketbook! My Sister Dianne Standing At The Entrance To Citrico's Lobby

In comparison to some of the other expensive restaurants (the 2 Table Services for the Disney Dining Plans), I would list Citrico's in my "A" list of the Disney's Signature restaurants. Definitely 5-star rating, along with California Grill, The Turf Club Bar & Grill (although not a 2 Table Service on the Disney Dining Plans or Signature restaurant, but I love their food and service), Artist Point, Flying Fish and the Yachtsman Steakhouse.

Our evening started with us arriving five minutes before our reservation. We waited less than ten minutes in the lobby before being seated at our table by Boris (from South Africa). From the time you walk in the lobby of Citrico's, you know you're in a "well-to-do" restaurant.

Our Server Gwen Assisting My Brother-In-Law Jeff With His Menu Choice Once seated, our server, Gwen (from Baltimore, MD), told us the day's specials, and what her favorites were. Normally, Cindy or I will ask the server at every restaurant what they like the best. We like trying new things, unless we have a favorite at a particular restaurant that we have a taste for.

I asked if there was regular lemonade, because most of the restaurants at Disney have that horrible tasting artificially sweetened lemonade, and although they didn't normally serve it, Gwen said she would ask the chef to see if he would make some.

A few minutes later, the chef, Juan (from Puerto Rico), came out and introduced himself. He chatted with us a bit, and promised to make some lemonade for us. He did, bless him :-). It was a pleasure to meet one with such culinary gifts and talents. The Chef Juan With My Sister Dianne And My Daughter Renae

We had some great appetizers. I ordered the carrot bisque, and although it was well made, I didn't care for it much, but that was my fault. As I said earlier, I like trying different things, and I made the wrong choice this time. I'm pretty sure everyone else enjoyed their choices.

I picked a really good one for the entree however. I had Swordfish, and it was simply exquisite! Seriously!

Honestly, from the appetizer thru the desserts, our table looked like a display of artwork. Juan did one heck of a job, not only on making very tasty dishes, but making them appealing to the eye. There were "oohs" and "ahs" from our table (including me) every time food was placed on the table!

Citrico's is one of the listed 'finer' restaurants, and they are adamant about having a 'dressier' attire. You don't need to wear formal dining wear, but guys must wear a collared shirt. No sleeveless shirts. Decent shorts are not a problem.

Cindy and I both rate Citrico's with 5 stars. It is the epitomy of what a restaurant in Disney World's Grand Floridian Resort should be, and we definitely plan to dine there again.

Below are a few more photos of our dining experience at Citrico's. Click on the images below to enlarge them.

Gwen Assisting Dianne With Her Menu Choice  After  Assisting Jeff
The Swordfish Was My Entree At Citrico's ... Delicious!
Mom's Dessert At Citrico's
Another Tasty Dessert Served At Citrico's


Julius Covington, Sr. of AllThingsDisney.com
Julius Covington, Sr.

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