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Enjoying The Performers And Food At Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show

Spirit Of Aloha
Dinner Show

July 2, 2010

The dining experience at Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show was unlike any thing I had experienced at the other Disney World restaurants to date.

First, after getting off the monorail and making our way to what seemed like the other end of the Polynesian Resort, we stood in line, for a few minutes and talked with each other and some of the other guests waiting to be seated.

When our turn came, we checked in our reservation and were then directed to the photographer, to pose for a couple of photos. If you don't know already... some of the restaurants in Disney World will have you take photos with one of their photographers, and later, while you're dining, the photographer will see if you want to purchase the photo... Aw, come on!... Everyone has some sort of gimmick to retrieve more of that ever-vanishing cash from your pocket... Don't expect Disney to be any different... They are after all - a BUSINESS - though a really fun one!

All this is taking place outside. Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show is an outdoor experience, although the dining area has a roof over it, it is still open.

Everyone seemed to be hungry and ready to eat again, even though we had eaten at The Turf Club Bar & Grill only a few hours ago... Must have been the stress of the trip :-)

Our meal began with an appetizer of salad, pineapple and hawaiian bread. The entree was chicken, ribs, mixed vegetables, and a rice dish. Both the appetizers and entrees were served on metal hawaiian boat-like platters... Overflowing I might add! All Smiles at Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show With Our Appetizer and Entree

The Chocolate Volcano Dessert... Pretty Cool, Huh?! Dessert was a really nice treat... A chocolate volcano with smoke pouring out the top. We were then brought a variety of small cakes, and were asked our opinions because this was a survey, and these were not their normal desserts. They were all very tasty. 'Thumbs Up' from me. :-)

One thing I think I should mention now, before I forget, is that the gratuity (tip) is included in the meal. For me, that was strange since we were on the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan. I'm still trying to figure out how the gratuity was taken from there, but there were no extra charges added to my room or credit card.

The show was fantastic. The performers were top-notch and very entertaining. They performed songs and dances in several of the polynesian cultures (Hawaiian, Samoan, Tongan and Tahitian), and taught the audience how to say "hello" in all of them.

There was plenty of audience involvement. A song and dance routine with the kids. Really cute. Definitely showed why this dinner show belonged at Disney World. They also did a part for any newlyweds in the audience, and had the newlyweds dance while the performers sang. Children In The Audience Do A Routine At Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show

There was a fire dancer, who was awesome. Actually, I thought as much of the guy passed and caught the 'fire sticks' as I did of the dancer. At one point, the fire dancer dropped one of his 'sticks'. He promptly picked it up and continued with his routine. Not missing a beat. The fire was still lit... Now that, my friends, is true professionalism!

After it was all over, I thought this was a nice way to start the week at Disney World, especially since Cindy and I were 'hosting' the rest of our group (my mom, sister, brother-in-law and my younger daughter).

I'm not one to want to do dinner shows over and over again, and this is no exception, however, I still give it a 5-star rating because the food was good and I thought the show was great.

Cindy also gave it a 5-star rating. She thought the food was good and although she felt the show was a little corny, it was very pleasant and she had a good time.

The other members of our 'crew' loved it, and I think it was my sister, Dianne, that wondered how we were going to top this, being that our vacation was just beginning... First The Turf Club Bar & Grill and now this!

Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show is a must do - at least once!

Below are a few more pictures of our dining experience at Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show. Click each image to enlarge.

Polynesian Dancers During Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Dinner Show
My Daughter Renae Having Fun WIth The Lei

Disney's Spirit Of Aloha Matron Doing Her Thing

Julius Covington, Sr. of AllThingsDisney.com
Julius Covington, Sr.

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